SBE Chapter 22
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Exhibitor Registation
Online Exhibitor Registration
To complete the registration process please read the terms and conditions listed below and click on the ACCEPT link to proceed to secure registration.
Terms and Conditions
    - Booths will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
- A maximum limit of one vendor per booth space. Sharing of booth space is prohibited except for the following: Dealers, manufacturers reps, and corporations with multiple owned companies under a single corporate umbrella.
- Due to varying exhibitor requirements, booth areas will be marked, but will not be physically separated at their sides. Exhibitors may arrange with the decorator for four-foot high booth sides.  The back of each booth will be eight-foot high pipe and drape, (see floor plan).
- Booth spaces may be conbined side-by-side, back to back, or in other configurations. Call for more information.
- If required, each booth will be provided with an eight foot table and tablecloth. Additional drapes, skirting, risers, signage and other booth decorations may be arranged with Northeast Decorating at exhibitors' expense. The room will be carpeted.
- Booth side elements higher than four feet shall not extend beyond five feet depth to avoid blocking adjacent booths.
- Exhibitors are expected to keep exhibits within set boundaries, both in fairness to other exhibitors, and to comply with fire regulations.
- Each booth will be provided with 120-volt electrical service. Arrangements can be made for special service, such as 240 volts, at exhibitors expense.
- Signs or other articles may not be fastened to the exhibit hall walls, fixtures or ceilings.  Use of any attachment methods which could harm the floor are prohibited as well.
- Telephone or Internet service is available from the Turning Stone Sales office at exhibitor's expense.
- Exhibitors with displays in suites removed from the convention center will be listed in the floor directory if the standard booth fee is paid.
- SBE Chapter 22 reserves the right to limit the number of booths assigned to any single exhibitor and to make all booth assignments. No booth reservation is firm until Chapter 22 receives payment in full. Confirmations will be sent by e-mail or postal service.
- Hotel rooms will be available at special Expo rates of $132.00 for a standard room. For reservations, call 1-800-771-7711. Be sure to mention the SBE 22 Expo. Turning Stone will not hold this block of rooms beyond September 8, 2014
- Turning Stone will not accept shipments prior to show week. Deliveries arriving at Turning Stone before 10/6/14 will be refused. Exhibitors must arrange with Northeast Decorating for deliveries before 10/6/14. The show decorator can provide drayage.
- SBE Chapter 22 provides concierge service to exhibitors to assist with move in/out and booth needs.
- Cancellations must be made in writing and sent to SBE Chapter 22, Inc.,
c/o Roy Taylor, WSYT, 1000 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13203.
- Reductions in exhibit space will be treated as a cancellation for that portion of the reserved space, and subject to the terms of the cancellation policy.
- Cancellations between July 1 and August 1 are refundable at 75% of fees paid.
- Cancellations between August 1 and September 1 are refundable at 50% of fees paid.
- Cancellations after September 1 are non-refundable.
- Fees may be applied to a sponsorship determined by the exhibitor.
- SBE Chapter 22, Inc. Federal ID number 16-1414385
- Exhibitor agrees to protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless SBE Chapter 22, Inc., Turning Stone Resort and Casino, the Oneida Indian Nation, Northeast Decorating, and each of their employees, directors, officers and agents from and against all costs, losses, expenses or liabilities to third parties arising from any act or omission of the exhibitor or its representatives in connection with the exhibitor’s participation in the SBE 22 Broadcast & Technology Expo.
- SBE will provide security for the exhibit hall during hours deemed necessary.  Exhibitors agree to hold harmless SBE Chapter 22, Inc., Turning Stone Resort and Casino, the Oneida Indian Nation or Northeast Decorating from any claims resulting from missing or damaged equipment.  SBE Chapter 22, Inc. makes no representation regarding adequacy of security measures.  Insurance coverage of exhibitors’ equipment is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed and want to proceed to the exhibitor registration page.
Click on ACCEPT to proceed or DECLINE to end.

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